1. Ginger has the properties of pungent warmth, returning to the lung, spleen and stomach meridians.

2. It can sweat to warm the body, avoid dampness, avoid fat accumulation, increase metabolic rate, and enhance immunity.

3. Ginger sterilizes and detoxifies, improves common cold cough, prevents cold and flu, relieves vomiting.

4. Promote the secretion of digestive juice and help increase appetite.

5. Expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, and improve cold hands and feet.

6. Promote the pores of the body to open, and bring out the germs and cold in the body.

7. Pour 3 grams of 100% ginger powder into 350 millimeters of warm water or honey, stir and drink.

Green DOT DOT 100% Ginger Powder -120g

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