• Invigorate the kidney and qi, invigorate the spleen and stomach
  • Nourishing Yin and Nourishing Lung
  • Helps improve skin moisturizing ability
  • Contain dietary fiber, help gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation



Pour about 3 teaspoons (25g) of 100% pure yam powder into appropriate amount of warm water, stir and drink. Or add fresh milk, nuts, dried fruits and eat together. This product itself is not completely soluble in water. If the water temperature or amount of water changes, the solubility may be different. Please pay attention before eating. In addition, this product is a pure natural crop. Although the quality of the product has been selected during packaging, the natural changes of the product during storage cannot be completely avoided. Please pay attention before eating. 

Green DOT DOT 100% Pure Yam Powder -400g

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