1. Nuts and almonds are fragrant and tasteful.

2. Rich in vitamin E, it helps to keep the skin healthy, it helps to maintain skin elasticity, improve skin moisture and improve dry skin.

3. Contains vitamin B2, which helps fight fatigue, relieve digestive problems, improve and prevent dry mouth, cracked mouth and swollen tongue problems.

4. Contains magnesium, which can maintain nerve and muscle health.

5. Pour about 3 teaspoons of almond flour into an appropriate amount of warm water, stir and drink. Or add fresh milk, nuts, dried fruits and eat together.

Green DOT DOT Almond Flour -400g

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  • Vegetable oil powder, maltodextrin (cereals containing gluten), almonds (tree nuts), corn, sugar, glucose, barley (cereals containing gluten), stabilizer E170 (i), Guanhua bean gum, flavoring Ingredients and flavoring agent (almond) [This product contains tree nuts and gluten]

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