1. Entrance to Peru

2. Contains red, white and black quinoa

3. Provide heat

4. Help build muscle, skin, nails and hair

5. Helps increase the feeling of fullness, reduce overeating and cause obesity

6. Assist intestinal peristalsis and keep intestinal health

7. Help stabilize blood sugar

8. Helps balance body functions


Ingredients: Organic Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa, White Quinoa


How to eat: Wash with water, then cook for 15 minutes like rice or oatmeal, or roll with meat, vegetables and stew. Can be used for baking


Storage method: Avoid placing it in high temperature and humid places. It should be refrigerated after opening and avoid storing in high temperature and humid place. Please consume as soon as possible after opening the bag.

Green DOT DOT Little Green Organic Tricolor Quinoa (500g)

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