The wheels on the bus scoot is the perfect way to bring kids' Favorite little baby bum character, Buster the bus, to life! The built-in handle lets kids use Buster as a push toy, or they can hop on when they're ready to ride! Buster has so many fun features, including an interactive ignition switch, honking horn, steering wheel, light up turn signal and under seat storage. Press down Buster's radio button to play "wheels on the bus," "ABCs" And more of little baby Bum's most popular songs. Kids will love When Buster's adorable face comes to life, with moving eyes and wiggling windshield wiper eyebrows, as they ride. Put them in the driver's seat and learn without limits with little baby bum and little Tikes.




2 Ways To Play

Kids can sit and scoot or push and walk on this interactive Little Baby Bum ride-on.


Interactive Steering Wheel

Buster’s working turn signal, light-up arrows, steering wheel, ignition, and horn make riding on his back a blast!


Expressive Face

Buster’s eyes move as he rolls, bringing his face to life as kids scoot!


Develop Kid's Skills

The Wheels on the Bus Scoot helps kids develop their gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and more!



Flip up Buster’s roof to store all your favorite Little Tikes and Little Baby Bum toys inside.


Plays Nursery Rhymes

Buster plays kids’ favorite Little Baby Bum songs including "Wheels on the Bus," "10 Little Buses" and the "Color Bus" song.

Little Tikes - Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Scoot & Push Ride On

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