Remote control mini Dino that moves and spins with ease. This fun 14cm tall mini T-Rex is easy to control for all ages with the infrared handheld control. Robosarus comes in a futuristic black and white design, moving forwards and spinning easily with his built-in wheels. Made by Silverlit, his eyes feature bright LEDs that light up as he speeds along. Fun to take on adventures and great for little dino fans without being too ferocious. Roarsome fun!


  • Robot Dino with emotions, mood sensor and sound effect!
  • Different emotional modes Peaceful and angry
  • Two gestures Stand and Sit Sleepy mode Yawns when tired and snores
  • Glowing LED eyes change color to reflect mood
  • Tankdrive control Able to control in all directions
  • Follow-me Technology Rechargeable via USB


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