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Clean Lean Protein provides the building blocks for vitality, repair, recovery and muscle growth. This unique pea protein formula is 100% plant-based, low in allergens and extremely low in carbohydrates. Made with minimal processing and ingredients, it comes complete with all nine essential amino acids, is a natural source of iron, tasty and easy to digest.


Vegan • Gluten free • Dairy free • Soy free • Lectin free • Non-GMO

Nuzest - Clean Lean Protein - 500g

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  • Made from the highest quality European golden peas, Clean Lean Protein is the environmentally friendly choice. Complete with all nine essential amino acids, it is a natural source of iron, tasty and easy to digest.

    From seedling to shop floor,  it uses the cleanest growing, flavouring and manufacturing methods available – meaning no chemicals, no additives and no preservatives.

    On top of this, every batch of Clean Lean Protein is tested for safe microbial activity, allergenic substances and heavy metals. Everything is certified gluten free and GMO free.

    Clean Lean Protein is a protein in its purest form natural and free from all common allergens. No gluten, dairy, or soy GMOs or artificial preservatives. It is 100% vegetable, low in carbohydrates, and high in digestible protein. Clean Lean Protein is the ideal protein supplement to support an active lifestyle and good nutrition. Perfect for those wanting to look, feel, and perform at their best.

    • Suitable for Vegan and Paleo
    • Free from common allergens - no bad stuff
    • Contains 9 essential Amino Acids

    Clean Lean Protein contains all 9 essential Amino Acids: a complete protein providing the key building blocks required for optimal body function, energy production, repair, and development.

    From the promotion of growth and development in kids to supporting athletic recovery, Clean Lean Protein can be used by everyone.

    Suggested Use

    Not gritty or chalky, Clean Lean Protein Functional Flavors have great texture and taste. Add two scoops (25g) to a shaker containing 10 oz or more of water or your choice of milk (e.g rice or almond) and shake.

    It uses a natural sweetener derived from the West African Katemfe fruit vs. stevia. This extract is a fruit protein isolate - it tastes GREAT with pea protein and doesn't have any aftertaste.

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