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RED GOLD: Saffron from the La Mancha region in Spain is the best saffron in the world and is often referred to as red gold.
NATURAL: Grown naturally, cultivated and harvested in the farms of La Mancha, Spain, and packed without any additives or preservatives.
HEALTHY INGREDIENT: An essential ingredient in European, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines, with a lot of health benefits.
INTERNATIONAL BRAND: Qutub Minar is a leading international top-rated brand and its saffron line of products are a household favorite in countries including Canada, USA, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.

Qutub Minar La Mancha Premium Spanish Saffron - 1 Gram

HK$105.00 Regular Price
HK$75.00Sale Price
  • Best in the World: The saffron from the La Mancha region in Spain is considered to be the best in the world. La Mancha is a dry but a very fertile agricultural land in Spain, and the soil and the weather conditions make the saffron from La Mancha the best in the world.


    Cultivation: The seeds are planted in the farms of La Mancha, and the harvesting is done by the local farmers who hand-pick the stigmas (saffron threads) from saffron flowers very early in the morning.

    However, the harvest period is annual and brief, lasting only about two weeks. So the farmers as well as their family members have to be on their toes to pick all the flowers in time to preserve the saffrons' quality, aroma, and colour.

    The stigmas are then toasted at different temperatures, using a very complicated process and a technique that is unique to the La Mancha region, and this special knowledge is passed from generation to generation.



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